January 2008
Enterprise 2.0 Should Be Leaky
Common Sense vs Control
Howard Rheingold Videos on Using Social Media
Blogs Can Calm the Raging Sea
Conference on Dynamic Taxonomies and Facetted Search
New Book on Tagging by Gene Smith
Apocalyptic Edge
Oh Paolina
Can We Learn Without Getting Bruised?
I Too Have Been to the End of the Internet
Supporting Communities on the Intranet
Watching Collaboration as it Happens
When Not To Share
We Are Moving!
Collison’s Ignorance Spiral
Believing our own Propaganda
A Taxonomy of Fallacies
Fostering Social Bonding in Communities
Random Fun or Serendipity?
Knowledge Organisation Systems
Social Software Guides
Information Neighbourhood as a Social Software Ecosystem
Communities, Professions and KM
Ethics and Social Network Analysis
Resources on Taxonomies and Tagging
Maps-Empires, Taxonomies-Enterprises
Taking the Pass out of Spill Checkers
Plus Ca Resistance a Change
Searching KM Journals
Barbaric Communities
Doing KM One Person at a Time
Burglars Do Social Tagging Too
Participation, Interaction and Value in Communities
Web 2.0: Deja Vu
The Life of a Knowledge Manager: Nasty, Brutish and Short
Folksonomies in Small Cohesive Communities
Facets in Photo Navigation
Classic Studies in Irrational Behaviour
ISKO Conference on Ranganathan Revisited