Another of the joys of serendipity today, thanks to Greg Lloyd. I’ve come across JP Rangaswami’s Confused of Calcutta blog a few times before, but had never looked at his section marked “About this Blog”. It’s a series of statements about his beliefs, the first two of which strike to the heart of what occupies our company Straits Knowledge:

“I believe that it is only a matter of time before enterprise software consists of only four types of application: publishing, search, fulfilment and conversation. I believe that weaknesses and corruptions in our own thinking about digital rights and intellectual property rights will have the effect of slowing down or sometimes even blocking this from happening.

I believe we keep building layers of lock-in that prevent information from flowing freely, and that we have a lot to learn about the right thing to do in this respect. I believe identity and presence and authentication and permissioning are in some ways the new battlegrounds, where the freedom of information flow will be fought for, and bitterly at that.”

So I’ve subscribed.


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