Nov 12

ISKO UK Conference 2015 - Call for Papers

I’m honoured to be associated with the ISKO UK biennial conference on knowledge organisation. This is a small, highly focused conference, and one of the best around in bringing practical and theoretical perspectives to bear on issues and methods in knowledge organisation. They have just issued a call for papers for their 2015 conference, which will be held 13-14 July 2015. Consider putting in a proposal! See under the fold for the call for papers details.


Nov 07

Knowledge Retention: Beyond Guidelines and Rhetoric

Shortly after my mom turned 50, she decided to retire. Soon after that, I began to notice oddities in our conversations. She would tell me things that didn’t make sense. When I pressed her for context, she seemed disoriented. She had been watching a lot of TV programmes, and I wondered if her reality had somehow been distorted because of that. It was worrying. We decided that she should go back to work. She did, and these days conversations tend to be about her peeves with her colleagues or customers. In other words, things are back to normal. 


Oct 23

Latest Edition of Straits Knowledge Bulletin is Out

We’ve just issued our latest Bulletin, with KM reading, free articles, events and news updates

Oct 15

Taxonomy Development Poster in Simplified Chinese


This is the Chinese version of the Taxonomy poster that Patrick shared in 2012.

To download the PDF version of the Chinese poster, click here.

I had enjoyed being part of the process of translating the original poster into Chinese. It felt like visiting an old friend. While I had studied Chinese for about 12 years there was never a need or opportunity to use it in business – until now, 22 years later.

I’d be interested to know if anyone of you finds the translated poster useful.

Sep 23

Is KM Dead? Larry Prusak, Dave Snowden, Patrick Lambe (Recorded July 2008)

In a conversation held in Kuala Lumpur on July 1st 2008, Larry Prusak, Dave Snowden and Patrick Lambe discuss the topic of whether KM is dead or dying, and what lies in store for it. Nice transcript of the conversation within timings provided by Jack Vinson at

Sep 22

KM Conference Season 2014 begins in Earnest

We are speaking and facilitating at a number of conferences September through November 2014, including KM Singapore (knowledge audit workshop with Edgar Tan), IIM Canberra (keynote and a knowledge audit workshop with Edgar Tan), Taxonomy Bootcamp (keynote) and KM World(knowledge audit workshop) Washington DC, and a Knowledge Audit Masterclass with Paul Corney in London. Yes – knowledge audits are the flavour of the season, as the subject of my new book, due out in 2015. Drop in and see us!

Sep 09

Narrative Based KM Competencies Framework (video was made in October 2008)

This video was made for the Cognitive Edge network as a mini-case study of using narrative techniques. It describes an iKMS ( project to develop a self-development competencies framework for knowledge managers in Singapore. We started with anecdote circles to collect stories of knowledge manager experiences, and from them and prior research on typical KM roles the participants built archetypes. Knowledge managers susbsequently built “competency wheels” for each archetype using Dave Snowden’s ASHEN framework as a base. The research was conducted by Awie Foong for iKMS, directed and supported by Patrick Lambe, and will be published by iKMS in October 2008.

Sep 02

Dr Vaine’s actKM Conference Address (recorded October 2008)

This special broadcast was made for the actKM Forum’s annual conference 14-15 October 2008.

Aug 29

Special Issue on Connecting KM Theory and Practice

Over the past few months I have been guest editing a special issue of the Journal of Entrepreneurship Innovation and Management (JEMI) on the connections between KM theory and practice. It’s out today and freely available as a download! My many thanks to the contributors, the anonymous reviewers and Anna Ujwary-Gil who suggested it, and supported me through the process.

Aug 26

KM Singapore 2008: Graham Higgins Keynote (recorded in 2008)

Graham Higgins of Cathay Pacific delivers the first keynote address at iKMS’ annual conference KM Singapore 2008, on the topic “Joining up the dots”. How can organisations respect the expertise in functional specialisations and still bridge silos to bring cross-organisation connectivity and awareness? This video is 40 minutes, comprising 30 minutes of Graham’s presentation plus 10 minutes question and answer

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