Communities, Professions and KM

Andrew Hinton has a very good slideshow on “User Experience (UX) Design as Communities of Practice” with some great slide commentary. It’s not just a very elegant analysis of the role of self-determined communities contrasted with organised hierarchies (and it is) – it also probes some questions about the “metadiscipline” of UX which have some strong parallels with knowledge and information management.

Both UX and KM/IM depend on a rich and varied clutchbag of diverse skill sets, technical knowledge domains, and professional approaches. And figuring out the relationships between professions (which Andrew sees as organised hierarchies) and disciplines/metadisciplines and communities may go some way to answering some of the questions that were troubling me in my rant about extinction back in August. Thanks to Chris Baum at Boxes and Arrows for this tip.


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