Rethinking Knowledge edited by Kim Sbarcea

This 2002 collection of articles is edited by Kim Sbarcea and contains a chapter by Patrick Lambe: “Wittgenstein’s Ladder: or the coming irrelevance of knowledge managers”.

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In the past, the packaging and ‘jargonising’ of knowledge management has obscured the fact that knowledge in action has the power to transform the workplace – knowledge which performs, rather than languishing in databases, has the potential to be incorporated into work practices.

The conceptualising and practice of knowledge management has now reached a more mature stage. An appreciation of knowledge creation on the individual level is emerging within organisations which previously employed ‘one size fits all’ corporate knowledge methodologies and processes.

The aim of Rethinking Knowledge is to provide a fuller understanding of core concepts and underlying assumptions and of ways of translating these concepts into practice. The articles included in this report have been written by specialists representing widely different fields of expertise and interests and thus provide the reader with a multifaceted approach to knowledge management.

The contributors all have one thing in common: they have conceptually challenged the knowledge management landscape and, in the process, illuminated knowledge in action.

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