Global Knowledge Renaissance edited by National Library Board

This collection of papers from the World Library Summit hosted by the Singapore National Library Board in 2002 contains an introduction by Patrick Lambe entitled “The Knowledge Wizards”.

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The National Library Board of Singapore held its inaugural World Library Summit in April 2002. Entitled “Global Knowledge Renaissance”, it fielded a broad range of speakers from several information-related disciplines who shared ideas about new ways forward for knowledge technology. The main themes covered were ‘Digital Civilisation and Knowledge Societies’, ‘People Connectivity and Cultural Entreprenuership’ and ‘Knowledge Governance and Collaboration’.

This collection of selected papers presented at the Summit has been compiled and organised into three sections:

Emerging Convergences

Libraries in the Knowledge Society

Knowledge Strategies

This publication extends to readers the lively exchange which took place at the Summit and provides the basis for all knowledge professionals to work towards a true Global Knowledge Renaissance.

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