Knowledge Retention Video

Here’s a nice, concise 2 part video presentation from James Alexander of the US Food Safety and Inspection service based in Washington DC, describing how they got started in a knowledge retention programme for their leaders and also subject matter experts. It’s hosted on Youtube, hence the two short clips of under ten minutes each, which makes it a bit choppy, but worthwhile nevertheless.

I liked the way they laid out progressively more complex options to their senior leadership, from a rapid response knowledge retention interview team who could deal with individual cases as they arose, all the way to a more structured individual and group knowledge capture programme, and looking after the knowledge transfer side of the equation as well. I also liked the way they recognised that knowledge transfer and continuity was also about relationship building and not just about codification.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you can also check out our video on putting together an expertise transfer programme, and if you have not yet taken our survey on how organisations manage their expertise, please do so! We have about 70 responses so far with an interesting picture building up, and you will get to see a summary of the results so far when you have completed, together with a link to our expertise project site.

Thanks to Thomas Blumer via the SIKM Leaders Forum for this find. The forum has been discussing knowledge retention in the wake of a well received presentation for the community by Bill Kaplan on managing the risk of knowledge loss this month.

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