Patrick Lambe

A globally recognised knowledge management practitioner, keynote speaker, facilitator and author, Patrick was originally trained in Information and Library Science. He arrived in KM via a second career in training and development, and has been based in Singapore for three decades. He works with clients around the world in public, private and development sectors. Patrick's latest book is Principles of Knowledge Auditing: Foundations for Knowledge Management Implementation published by the MIT Press in May 2023. He is the author of Organising Knowledge: Taxonomies, Knowledge and Organisation Effectiveness (Oxford: Chandos 2007), and co-author with Nick Milton of the award-winning The Knowledge Manager's Handbook 2nd ed. (London: Kogan Page 2019). Patrick is Visiting Professor in the KIM PhD programme at Bangkok University, former President of the International Society for Knowledge Organization Singapore Chapter and a member of the editorial advisory board of the Journal of Knowledge Management, Knowledge Management For Development Journal, and Journal of Entrepreneurship, Management and Innovation. Patrick spends his time between Singapore and Dublin, Ireland.

Edgar Tan

Edgar is Managing Partner of Straits Knowledge and is Managing Director of our sister company Straits Knowledge Digital. He began his career in human resource development before moving to KM over a decade ago. He majored in Sociology and has a Master’s in Training and Performance Management. Edgar is past President of the Information and Knowledge Management Society and former Secretary of the International Society for Knowledge Organization Singapore Chapter. He is based in Paris and Singapore.

Ng Wai Kong

Wai Kong is Partner and Finance Manager, and manages our Singapore office. Wai Kong project manages our client projects, manages our publications and events, and helps to deliver our knowledge audit projects. He is a key figure in ensuring our knowledge audit process is accurate and effective. Wai Kong spent several years providing administrative support to the Information and Knowledge Management Society and has helped organise the annual KM Singapore conference for iKMS. Wai Kong is former Treasurer of the International Society for Knowledge Organisation Singapore Chapter.

Paul Corney (UK)

Paul is our Senior Associate Consultant based in the United Kingdom. Paul originally worked in banking and finance, and came to knowledge management while working in the City of London in the mid-1990s. He is the founder of knowledge et al, a UK-based KM consultancy and former Managing Partner of Sparknow LLP. He has worked across a variety of sectors in the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, helping clients to identify and make use of the knowledge that resides inside their organizations. He recently completed a large project with a major industrial and engineering company in Iran, helping them to audit, assess and improve their KM practices, and develop and implement a KM strategy. Paul is an experienced practitioner, presenter, masterclass leader and lecturer; he chairs international KM conferences, is a visiting lecturer on knowledge and innovation management at the University of Brighton and has published numerous articles one of which was featured in Making Knowledge Management Work for Your Organization published by Ark Group in 2012. His latest book, co-authored with Patricia Eng, is Navigating the Minefield: A Practical KM Companion published in May 2017 by the American Society for Quality. Paul is a member of the British Standards Institute KM Standards committee working on the ISO KM Standard.

Victoria Ward (UK)

Victoria is our Senior Associate Consultant based in the United Kingdom, and she specialises in narrative approaches to change, foresight, transformation and knowledge management. Victoria founded Sparknow LLP in 1997 after a career in the City that included research and product development, learning and development, operational risk, knowledge management and cultural transformation. Sparknow’s founding purpose was to honour the human spirit in the workplace and work with leaders, and across whole organisations and networks, to create the conditions in which individuals thrive and connect, both with each other and with the purpose of the organisation. At the heart of every piece of work is the intention to create energy, equity and shared commitment in a way that breaks through the inertia, undercurrent of complex feelings - of which people are often not aware - and failure of shared imagination in which many transformation programmes get stuck. Victoria has designed, and collaborated with others in multidisciplinary expert networks over 20 years, to deliver transformation programmes, and operational research in a wide variety of private, public and not-for-profit settings, including development banks and agencies, cultural institutions, government departments, academic institutions, and commercial institutions. Her skills and experience include change management, design and use of participatory tools and techniques, design and facilitation of meetings and change programmes.

Ana Neves (Portugal and Brazil)

Ana is our Associate Consultant based in Portugal. She specialises in the use of enterprise social tools to enhance knowledge sharing, knowledge retention, collaboration and organisational learning. She is the founder of Knowman, a KM consultancy with projects in Portugal and Brazil for both public and private sector organisations. She is currently developing the KM strategy for a multinational private group. The work will also include designing a KM toolkit and making recommendations on the group's IT tools for KM. Ana is also responsible for a bi-annual study on KM in Portugal and Spain; she maintains the longest running website on KM in Portuguese-language - KMOL; and she organises Social Now, an international event on the use of enterprise social tools. Ana has edited and co-authored two books on KM and was co-responsible for the KM chapter on the Portuguese guide to ISO 9001:2015. She tweets as @ananeves and her full professional experience may be found on LinkedIn.

Arshad Ahmed (Middle East)

Arshad represents Straits Knowledge as an Associate Consultant and is currently based in the Middle East. He holds an M.Phil in Computation from the University of Manchester, where he specialised in using Ontological Analysis to develop a methodology for best practice knowledge bases. Arshad has over 15 years of KM experience in a variety of roles. Before focussing exclusively on knowledge management, Arshad spent time as a technology journalist and in higher education. As a KM specialist, his experience includes working in Global Professional Services, Financial Services and more recently the Oil and Gas industry. His passion is for pragmatic, people focused knowledge management approaches that can contribute to organisational goals. Arshad is also the founder of Intoto Knowledge.

Elmi Bester (South Africa)

Elmi represents Straits Knowledge as an Associate Consultant in Southern Africa. Elmi was the founding Convenor of the Southern Africa Knowledge Management Summit, and was previously the manager of the CSIR Knowledge Commons – a space and place for knowledge sharing and contactivity in a multi-disciplinary research organisation. Prior to this position, Elmi practiced as a project manager, content management specialist and business analysis consultant. She was involved in various process management, application development and content management projects in the financial, manufacturing and IT industries. She has held positions as a lecturer in the Department of Information Science, University of Pretoria and as Information Management consultant at the CSIR. She was part of the WebAfrica pioneer team, the predecessor of M-Web.

Jorge Blanco (Mexico)

Jorge represents Straits Knowledge in Mexico as our Associate Consultant. He has over 30 years of experience in IT, and has been CIO in several multinational and national companies in Mexico. He also has over 20 years of academic experience as a professor teaching at undergraduate and graduate levels. Since 2012, he is an Associate Professor in Knowledge Management for the “Master in Enterprise IT Management" (MATIE). He is an accredited instructor for ITIL, RESILIA, Lean IT, DevOps, HDI, and simulations from Glumin, GamingWorks and ExperiencePoint. Jorge is the founder and CEO of Glumin Networks SC, a company focused on training and consulting in Knowledge Management and IT best practices, as well as on workshops aided with business simulations. Glumin brings together a group of collaborators with many years of experience in training and consulting, throughout Latin America. Glumin is a forerunner of DASA (DevOps Agile Skills Association), an organization that encourages the promotion and adoption of DevOps around the world. Jorge has been appointed as “DASA Ambassador” for Mexico and Latin America. Jorge also operates the franchise in Mexico of Knoco Ltd, world leader in Knowledge Management. He can be reached at jorge@glumin.com or jorge.blanco@knoco.com.

Cor Beetsma (Japan)

Cor represents Straits Knowledge in Japan as an Associate Consultant. He was originally trained as a Merchant Navy officer and worked with multi-cultural crews as a deck officer for many years. He moved on to Industrial Automation for the Japanese MNC Yokogawa and worked in Europe and SE-Asia, broadening his experience in Project Execution, Sales and Marketing as well as Director of LifeCycle Services. His experience with KM started when organising virtual teams for off-shore project execution in large scale automation projects in Manila. His MBA from Murdoch University centered around KM as well. While working in Singapore he contributed regularly to KM conferences and workshops, including a presentation on Global Engineering Standardisation, which won him a KM Merit award in Singapore in 2008. This initiative focused on driving productivity improvement by combining Quality, Resource and Knowledge Management. His assignments as VP and Director in Bangalore, Singapore and Tokyo covered global resource planning and corporate strategic planning where he deployed the Balanced Scorecard globally. Most recently he pioneered Agile Project Execution and applying Agile development in Digital Transformation (DX) initiatives. He has set-up his own consulting firm in Tokyo from where he promotes KM and DX with his partners.