The Enterprise Search Ecosystem

Jayne Dutra has posted a report on Free Pint giving the most sensible overview I’ve seen of the direction Enterprise Search is going in – an ecosystem of tools and methods (including taxonomies), bound together by metadata, and serving a variety of information environments (or information neighbourhoods as I call them). Here are a couple of quotes:

“Enterprise search is no longer a one-size-fits-all problem. Information retrieval is a complex area that is being increasingly seen as task dependent. In other words, how and why a user searches is directly related to what type of activity he is engaged in. Therefore search solutions must be designed around specific business problems that provide meaningful value to the enterprise. ”


“The ultimate goal is an information environment enhanced by metadata and served up through a number of rich user interactions facilitated by role based access. Unified enterprise search at my organisation is conceived of as a set of integrated systems utilising different types of technologies to provide information quickly and represented with a variety of visualisation techniques including charts, sliders for query definition, and thumbnails of engineering drawing families.”

Thanks to Gwen Harris at Taxonomy Watch for this.

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