Taxonomy and Information Architecture

In chapter 9 of my book, I wrote about the importance of taxonomy work being able to support the complementary disciplines of information architecture and records management. Back in March James Kelway wrote an excellent post about a project where the information architecture and the taxonomy were built collaboratively with himself (an information architect) and a taxonomist working closely together. A thumbnail of the process is neatly outlined below, go to the full post to see the detail.

James also has a more recent post detailing the taxonomy maintenance process for a B2B website using a search engine and rules-based classification of content. Worth checking out for a very operational view of how taxonomy maintenance works out.


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James Kelway

Thanks for the referral Patrick, and its great to know that the articles get read. Enjoying your site and now must buy your book! Cheers, James

Posted on April 08, 2008 at 06:11 PM | Comment permalink

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