Wisdom: It’s Been Cracked

We’ve had the answer to the problem of how to change knowledge into wisdom for almost a decade, apparently.

“To address this question, the author [Dr Esaki Michihiko] developed a method for changing knowledge into wisdom in March 1999, using the Advanced Project Management Methodology (Methodology of DTCN/DTC) [in this book], which he developed between 1979-1997. Using this methodology, it is possible to relate knowledge management (the accumulation and management of knowledge), with ‘wisdom management’ to change knowledge into wisdom.”

Who would have thunk it… advanced project management can lead to wisdom… actually not an unreasonable leap if you switch your attention from the methodology to the experience-base of really good, seasoned project managers. Unfortunately, Dr Esaki is really interested in a mechanistic breakdown, and so this paper is really depressng.

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