Welcome to the Blogosphere, Luke

Luke Naismith, a regular and always insightful contributor on the actKM Forum has just started blogging. Luke is a great metaphorical thinker, and he also has a keen interest in “futures” – ie thinking about how surprising the future can be. His first few posts promise great things to come – covering “infoluenza”, Einstein’s theory of relativity translated into KM terms, and the impact of containerisation on docker workforces (parallel to the “near-extinction” of other workforces from miners to secretaries) – and what that teaches us about the capacity of the future to surprise. Welcome Luke! (Thanks Jack).

Meanwhile, over at Cognitive Edge, Dave Snowden seems to have gotten over his intimidating first flush avalanche of rich, deep posting, and has settled into a more regular pattern of posts – thanks, Dave… you were threatening the balance of the universe! ... or at least the cognitive capacities of this meagre netizen.

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Just for you Patrick - I will aim to achieve at least one a day and something special for number 50 which is coming up soon ....

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