Web 2.0 Adoption in Singapore

It’s funny what one comes across in cyberspace. I was searching for the staff strength of two public organisations in Singapore when I came across this “Dipstick” report (dated 20 Jun 2008) on Blogs, Wikis and Workspaces adoption in Singapore. By “dipstick” the authors mean a quick and informal poll. But judging by the low response rate to the survey - 1.26% - I’d also add that it means “not likely to stand up to close scrutiny”. However, it’s enough to provide some interesting insights into the topic.

Essentially, the report concludes that Singapore lags behind the US in terms of adoption of Web 2.0 technologies. Why does this warrant attention? Because in an era where “openness, peering, sharing, and acting globally would increasingly define how twenty-first-century corporations compete” (Wikinomics, Tapscott & Williams, 2006), it doesn’t bode well for Singapore organisations’ competitiveness if we’re lackadaisical about adopting these collaborative technologies.

Surprised by the report’s conclusions I certainly am not. My recent musing about CEO blogs in Singapore organisations supports them. On the ground, we often find ourselves having to make a case for Web 2.0 technologies as a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration. It’s not that there aren’t takers; it’s that the takers tend to be outranked and outlasted by the late majority/laggards. But sometimes in Singapore the takers outrank everyone else, and that is when things start to happen.

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