Using Blogs in the Enterprise

Jack Vinson has blogged a summary of his KM class’ conclusions on how blogs could be productively used inside the enterprise (it’s a graduate programme, and his students have been blogging themselves for the whole semester). It’s great KM. Here are some of the useful things I picked up:

Knowledge capture: low friction tool for ongoing capture of what is happening on a project or in the business of a person or group.
Organisation of information around common work contexts.
Giving customers insight into the company’s activity- not just the “sales” view
Revealing stories and informal knowledge
Recording reasoning and the results around decisions and policies
Connecting remote employees
Connecting new and long-term employees
Accessing the knowledge and expertise of internal experts and consultants
Revealing pathways to information not otherwise available from traditional serarch or expertise locators
Timely access to currently relevant information
Communicating with company stakeholders
Supplementing training with access to informal knowledge and experience

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