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We recently asked a number of business users what they require from collaboration tools within the company. The scope reached from communication tools, documents sharing, collaboration in teams, social networking and a personalized portal. The survey should some interesting results I would like to share:

We are looking at a number of collaboration tools to replace our existing ageing environment; and my opinion got confirmed that the technology itself is not the game changing ingredient. In my view, it is far more important to give clear guidelines to the users how to use which tools in specific situations. And these new behaviours should be established with some activities that are fun and rewarding. In the end, the users should draw a benefit from collaboration tools and should be able to accomplish their work faster, more accurate and better informed.

What is your experience on how to make people use collaboration tools?

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Hi Tim, thanks for sharing. Another point is to simplify the usage of tools. Find out what users and org need. Where possible, instead of introducing several tools to an org platform, consider streamlining or use say, 1 tool to meet several objectives. Recently, we tried using only 1 tool and removed several other tools to keep a new platform simple for our users. Still in beta stage. So far, so good. It minimises confusion to users on when to use which tool. Simon has his own share of experience in introducing several tools to users and confusion kicks in for users.

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Hi Yvonne,
Thank you for your comment. I totally agree to your comment. I think that goes along with ‘user-friendliness’... Several tools will only confuse the user. One of our subsidiaries has introduced three new tools for very similar things; this just doesn’t work. Even the project manager had difficulties to explain how to distinguish. Simplify is definitely the way to go.

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