Update on Getting Management Buy-in for KM

For those of you who have contributed to the story collection for this project, many thanks. We have now moved into the first part of the sensemaking phase, where we take the collected material through a series of workshops with KM practitioners. The first was conducted with about 30 participants at the actKM Conference in Canberra last week, followed by a workshop with 30 IM and KM practitioners in Perth early this week. Next week we take the same material to over a hundred KM practitioners at the iKMS Practitioner’s Conference KM Singapore, and then finally we do the same thing at the KMAP Conference in Hong Kong! (I’m exhausted just writing about it).

Meanwhile, just to add some spice, Dave Snowden recently blogged on this very theme and came up with nine golden rules for getting leadership buy-in for new ideas:

1. Have a deep understanding of the change
2. Don’t be an evangelist
3. Create new language
4. Find interpreters
5. Walk away if they ask for case studies
6. Don’t sell a utopia
7. Link funding to deliverables
8. Take a sales course
9. Don’t try to be popular.

Some of these might seem counter-intuitive, so read the full post!

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