Tripadvisor’s Contribution Model Applied

One of my current challenges is to find ways to attract employees at our company to contribute their knowledge to our global knowledge sharing platform. This is not an easy task because many people have difficulties to see the personal benefits of sharing their knowledge with a large, mostly anonymous crowd of people. I think this is a common issue of user adoption and I looked for benchmarks in the consumer world.

Tripadvisor is one of the examples that has successfully attracted many contributions; people are sharing their travel experiences for restaurants, hotels and even tourist attractions on a global platform. I am sure for most of you it’s a valuable source of information, but how many of you have actually written a review? I have tested this and the kind of feedback I got from Tripadvisor motivated me so much that within a few months I was a senior contributor. Try it yourself and read this interview with their CEO for more insights.

So, I took this experience and implemented a contribution profile for our internal global knowledge sharing platform.

The main thing we have implemented is an individual statistic that shows each user: