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We’re currently working on a Toolkit of knowledge sharing techniques – it’ll comprise a resource guide, accompanied by a training programme in those techniques. So imagine my delight on coming across Ben Ramalingam’s Tools for Knowledge and Learning: A guide for development and humanitarian organisations. Ben’s toolkit is not just applicable in development contexts, it could be adated for pretty much any organisational context, and I heartily recommend it. Ours is more focused on knowledge transfer and knowledge sharing where Ben’s is a range of approaches for getting KM and learning initiatives under way – but the basic idea is the same. To quote Ben:

“Many of these tools are simple and trying them out requires nothing more than the desire to try something new, and the drive to ‘get on and do it’. Undertaking them effectively requires effective – sometimes advanced – facilitation and communication skills. Here, we have aimed to provide comprehensive accounts of how to apply such techniques, with a focus on the requirements of potential facilitators.

Other tools covered here are more complex, and call for significant planning and resources if they are to be delivered effectively. Here, we have attempted to provide an introduction and orientation to a broad subject, as well as suggestions for further resources that might prove useful for the reader.”

Thanks to Daan Boom via Stan Garfield for this.

While on the topic of toolkits, Stan also has a great collection of resource links on Change Management this week (and it’s his birthday today – Happy Birthday!).

And we couldn’t fail to mention the UK’s NHS Knowledge Management Specialist Library, with a wide range of guides and resources.

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Also, there is the Regional Knowledge Resource Kit developed by the Knowledge for Regional NRM Program at Land & Water Australia see


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Patrick Lambe

Lovely stuff, I like the wiki format!

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Patrick Lambe

And via Nancy White, the “Knowledge Sharing Toolkit” from the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research is very nice - and wiki based like the NRM one (which is also how we’re building ours). I especially like the list of contact persons readers can find out more from.

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Thanks for the information about CGIAR toolkit - really great stuff going on in this sector.

The Knowledge for Regional NRM Program has more than just the Regional Knowledge Resource Kit (originally targeted at the NRM bodies across Australia - and now being implemented in the Rural Research and Development Corporations like Land & Water Australia) we also have 2 other packages - the NRM Toolbar ( and the Knowledge Brokering package which concentrates on things like Communities of Practice.  For details on the whole Program see



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Patrick Lambe

Another great toolkit resource from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, via Stan Garfield’s blog today - it also has links to other toolkits:

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Patrick Lambe

And another toolkit from I&DEA in the UK, courtesy of Jack Vinson

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