Thoughts on “Absolute” KM Objectives - or Guiding Principles

At our company we are currently putting some intensive thoughts into a new corporate Knowledge Management strategy. I hope you understand, that I can not go into details of our strategy itself but one specific part I would like to share and discuss with you.

In order to lay the foundation of the new KM strategy, we were sketching the “absolute” or “ultimate” KM objectives, which could be generic for any company (edit: user Joachim suggested the term Guiding Principles, which describes the ideas below very well). We started this process with a reverse brainstorming based on the question ‘which behaviour is totally destroying knowledge sharing?’ - to some of you this might be familiar. Based on the outcome, we then started to formulate the antidotes. As a result, we established seven desired behaviours for Knowledge Sharing, which I would like to share here: