Thoughtful Design Needs Thoughtful Implementation

The other day I posted on “Moving the Solution Upstream” – anticipating frequent customer service problems and designing the environment so that the problem just never arises – using the example of universal plug sockets in international hotels.

And then, in Sari Pan Pacific Hotel Jakarta, I came across this.


Yes, it’s a universal socket. But it’s screwed into a desk drawer in such a way that any plug with cable coming out of the bottom of the plug will never fit in. (Most of the Indonesian plugs I can see WILL fit). An example of where thoughtless implementation not merely undermines but actively destroys the potential customer value created by thoughtful design of a solution.

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Paolina Martin

When we rented a Holden in Melbourne, we spent twenty minutes searching for the button to open the boot (trunk). No kidding! When I decided to set up my “co-pilot” space with the maps and directories, I accidentally discovered it IN the glove compartment at the front passenger seat.

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