The Book of the Cards

We’ve followed through on our KM Method Cards by publishing a “how to” guidebook on 24 of the most useful techniques and approaches in the Method Cards pack. We got it from the printer on Wednesday and launched it at the KM Singapore conference yesterday. It looks very nice (though we say so ourselves)! The printer did a great job.

Each technique has some notes on where it came from, what it’s good for, when it’s not going to be so useful, and with some suggested templates to help structure it when you first start trying it out. There are also links to additional resources, many of them on the web, and cross-connections to other techniques in the book if it can be used in combination.

As with the Method Cards, the material in this guide has evolved over several years of working with clients and teaching the use of these techniques in the “real world”, and we’ve deliberately selected them for their usefulness in three major types of KM effort: