Supermarket 2.0

OK, since we seem to be on a Web 2.0 theme this week, I couldn’t pass up this wacky Israeli take on what a supermarket would be like if it was Web 2.0 enabled – with user tagging, RSS feeds, semantic search, the works. Now I frequently use a “supermarket game” in taxonomy workshops where participants have to design a supermarket with a standard set of product cards. The idea is to use a real world analogue to teach basic taxonomy principles, and it’s pretty good at that. What this video demonstrates, however, is how far removed from the physical world the Web 2.0 world is, despite our ideas about it making the web more human-oriented. My favourite bit is where the checkout clerk tells the shopper “people who bought red wine also bought condoms” and hands her some… Thanks to David Weinberger for this link (he has flu, by the way, so drop him a comforting word).

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Patrick Lambe

From web artist xkcd the tag the physical world joke continues:

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