Simple Things

Everybody, it seems, is using Sharepoint. For a product which does enterprise document and content management (including metadata and taxonomy handling) badly in its native state, and collaboration only in a mediocre fashion compared to competitors, it’s not the best deal for knowledge managers to have to grapple with. You really need to have ingenuity and a good understanding of its workings to use it well (and there are some excellent KM implementations of Sharepoint out there, Bonnie Cheuk’s implementation at ERM is just one of them).

But ubiquity combined with shortcomings does at least create a market for improvements, and here’s a report of a new release by Colligo, one of the many companies making a living out of Sharepoint’s native failure to reflect the normal working environment of users.

What I liked about this was the way in which adding small and apparently simple features can make the tool much much easier to use – and more useful than intrusive :