Pollard’s Nine Capacities for Enterprise 2.0

Just came across this post by Dave Pollard, outlining nine capacities that the internet needs to evolve in Web 2.0. “In order to be truly workable, to be not only a place for fascinating discovery but a place for changing the world, the Web needs to evolve nine capacities that it currently promises but does not really deliver.”

1. The capacity to focus attention on what’s important
2. The capacity to suggest practical action
3. The capacity to enable self-managed networks, exchanges and peer production
4. The capacity to enable self-directed education
5. The capacity to reveal deliberately-hidden truths
6. The capacity to drive and disseminate innovations
7. The capacity to embrace complexity
8. The capacity to provide trust, equitable access and participation in all its offerings
9. The capacity to be simple and intuitive to use

Meant as a manifesto for the web, why shouldn’t this also be a manifesto for the enterprise? And if Web 2.0 does develop tools to enable these capacities, let’s bring them behind the firewall fast! Lord knows the big structured KM systems we buy now are struggling with 1-3, and hopeless at the rest. It’s not the big systems we need, but skills in our IT folks, to become good at assembling simple, flexible and interoperable tools, in support of these nine capacities.

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