Personal Knowledge Management: Age 8

Here’s an enterprising eight year old, attempting to take control of her own destiny…

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I am from Nanjing,China.
I am preparing for my PHD paper,which is about “PKM”.Can you give me some examples about PKM?

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Patrick Lambe

I’m pasting here an adapted list from the Wikipedia entry on PKM which gives some pretty good examples of the practices and skills that go to make up PKM:

Reflection. Continuous improvement on how the individual operates, practice and discipline of reflecting on activity and seeking to learn from it

Manage learning. Manage how and when the individual learns, and different learning styles that you can exploit

Information literacy. Understanding what information is important and how to find unknown information.

Knowledge organisation, how to organise your information and knowledge resources arond you for better effectiveness; personal categorization and taxonomies.

Networking with others. Knowing what your network of people knows. Knowing who might have additional knowledge and resources to help you

Researching, canvassing, paying attention, interviewing and observational ‘cultural anthropology’ skills

Communication skills. Perception, intuition, expression, visualization, and interpreting.

Creative skills. Imagination, pattern-recognition, appreciation, innovation, inference.

Collaboration skills. Coordination, synchronization, experimentation, cooperation, and design

... I hope that helps!

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