Paradise 2.0?

image It seems that the heavenly powers are also getting into Web 2.0. Jesus, for example, has had a Myspace page since October 2004, I am pleased to discover – he’s obviously a very busy fellow because he’s only managed to rack up 17,000 or so friends. I would have expected more, somehow.

He’s not so hot on videos, perhaps more respectful of copyright than the younger crowd, but he is blogging intermittently, and in much the vein that you might expect. He’s also actively seeking to extend his network, apparently.

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Matt Moore

Wow - at last the question “What Would Jesus Do?” now has an answer. And very he has chosen MySpace. We must smite the Facebook heretics. And the Godless hordes of LinkedIn. Smite them I tell you!

Posted on May 11, 2007 at 01:10 PM | Comment permalink

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