Method Cards in Israel!

There is quite a strong body of KM practitioners in Israel, and they have been playing with the KM Method Cards to take a ground up approach to developing KM programmes, as Yigal Chamish reports:

“Each team (2-3 people) got several random cards of Approaches, Methods and Tools.
· Each team had to focus on a practical and real organisational need which will be supported by KM
· Each team had to develop a KM program to meet the need by choosing/using the Approaches, Methods and Tools given.
· Then, each team presented their program in front of colleagues for review and ideas

People were interested in participating and enthusiastic using the cards, and responses were positive and demonstrate satisfaction – the cards did come across as relevant to actual organisational life and need.”

Obviously you don’t want to force fit the approaches and methods to meet a need, so I guess this exercise (and the similar “Dominoes” version from Matt Moore the other day) is really helping people become aware of the variety of ways they can approach a KM need. What interests me so far in the examples of use we’re collecting is that the cards function as a focus for conversation, dialogue and learning as much as for brainstorming and planning. Ie they help people reach a shared understanding about what they should be doing in KM.

Here’s a picture of Yigal’s workshop in progress.

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Yigal Chamish

Hello Patrick,
Many thanks for the nice post!
I know that you cannot read Hebrew, yet I wanted to intoduce, show and share this experience in Israel, too, so please see the link to the relevant post, here:
Good luck and hope to continue the dialog,

Posted on October 17, 2008 at 04:56 PM | Comment permalink

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