Knowledge Sharing Activities in People’s Daily Work

In my previous entries and at many other locations we discussed that it would be significantly beneficial if knowledge sharing activities of people are not an additional task but an integral part of their daily work. Many platforms - digital or not - require that people access another tool or step out of their daily routine. To achieve this, a good am of motivation and personal benefits is needed and we all agree this is not an easy task. Integrating knowledge sharing into people’s daily work would be without doubt a strong driver for user adoption.

How to integrate knowledge sharing in the daily routine? We have asked our users for ideas and I am happy to summarise here what they have came up with.

In addition to this recent survey, we have integrated a regional remedy system with our global knowledge platform: when entering a new incident the user can directly search the global platform for solutions; the discussions from the remedy system are made available in the global knowledge search. This was a simple solution to integrate existing regional knowledge sharing activities in the global platform.

What are your experiences to plant knowledge sharing activities in people’s daily work?

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John Tropea

Here’s what I think, you need to steal the email market need a new dashboard to rival the inbox, just like Facebook has done.

Rather than wait for the AAR, ask questions in the status updates of your project homepage, or even post experiences in a blog (not sure if people do this in email already, or it’s something new that the blog format the Star Trek captains log). This is in-the-flow real time solutions and learning. We need to do this anyway as memory fades and looking in hindsight we suffer from makes things look much more linear...instead we want lots of blog post fragments, which we can interpret ourselves later on (ie see patterns).
Collect anecdotes as issues occur to find patterns
Capture as it happens - Memory fades, protecting our world view, and forcing cause and effect

Use wikis for meeting agendas, or even use forums to deal with issues as they happen. This way meetings are more about action.

Observable work, not status meetings

Discuss a document via the comments field on the document itself. These new comments will appear in your activity stream, or your @mention stream if you have been @mentioned within the comment.

The way I see it is email is our in-the-flow tool, so we need to re-purpose it as much as we can. And at the same time we need to have conversations on the object itself, this way a conversations simply is metadata

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