Knowledge Discontinuity in a Downturn

Just caught up with this coverage of our “using expertise” project in the Australian Financial Review from early May.

More is brewing on this project, with a recent sensemaking workshop in Sydney, another coming up in Dubai, and a large scale survey to check some of the insights arising from the narrative work. Stay tuned!

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Ian Hyde

The never ending cirle of stupidity continues. We should be learning from the sins of our forefathers.  Every time there are hard times in business we make the same mistakes over and over.  I have not found in any orgainsation that I have worked in, that the organisation haas deemed it essential that we invest in finding out what talent is available within the organisation.  How can you then manage that talent and get the most from it in either the good or bad times, if you don’t know what you don’t know?

This fundamental knowledge supported by one technique such as Social Network Analysis would ensure that organisations would be better placed to weather these stormy times.  It might also mean that during the times of plenty organisation could better place themselves to ride out the hard times.

Why do we cut of our noses to spite our faces.  Bravo you champions. It is a long road to inculcate common sense into good business practice, especially when results more often are qualitative than quantative.

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