It was the morning of the last day of KM World. I took a cup of coffee and a couple of muffin, and went to sit at a table already occupied by a stranger. I noticed “NASA JPL and Caltech” on the stranger’s name tag, so I opened the conversation with, “I saw your organisation at the movies recently,” referring to the Hollywood film The Martian. That was the beginning of my conversation with David Oberhettinger, the CKO of NASA/Caltech Jet Propulsion Laboratory, about space exploration. I mentioned the sitcom The Big Bang Theory, because it is set in Caltech. David hadn’t seen a single episode of it, but he shared how complete strangers had asked him if he knew Dr Sheldon Cooper, a main character in the show. In a surreal moment, it seemed that my couch potato lifestyle was paying off, in the form of a fascinating conversation with a complete stranger. Bazinga!

This blog is not about the serendipitous payoff of an excessive TV diet, however, but about NASA-related resources that have come to my attention having attended KM World. They are:

1. A video of David Oberhettinger’s speech at a banquet about the reasons driving space exploration. This was pretty much what we spoke about. –

2. JPL’s Strategic Plan for KM, which I find useful. –

3. KM at NASA, shared by Edward Hoffman & Jon Boyle at the World Bank on 6 November, a day after KM World ended.- Knowledge on a Mission 11062015 – NASA.pdf

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