Have You Done Something Wonderful With Your Intranet?

My company Straits Knowledge is proud to be a supporter of the new Intranet Innovation Awards launched by James Robertson’s company Step Two Designs. James is famous for being feisty, practical and direct and one of his key insights into intranets is that they rarely work well as megalithic “enterprise solutions” using just a couple of big industrial software applications. Intranets are – where they work well – environments that service a variety of working practices and activities, attract participation, and foster coordination and collaboration across the enterprise.

Since work focus, work patterns, coordination needs and organisation structure change on an increasingly frequent basis, big, highly integrated homogeneous environments are just not adaptive or nimble enough. Intranets are increasingly becoming more flexible, evolving environments, becoming much more like an interdependent ecology of open applications talking to each other – whether they be workflow applications, calendaring, web content publishing, document management, blogs, wikis, media libraries, podcasting, staff directories, you name it. Some areas of the intranet will be quite stable and structured, some will be much more experimental, some will provide current awareness and content marketing on a daily basis.

This is where these new Intranet Innovation Awards stand out, because unlike other intranet awards, they focus on innovations within an intranet environment, rather than on the intranet as a whole – this should surface some really cool stuff, and I’m looking forward to the outcomes. The four main categories cover innovations in core functionality, communication and collaboration, frontline support and business process support.

So if you have done something cool, now’s your chance to share it! Closing date is 15th May.

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