Getting the KM Sequence Right

I like this inverted pyramid from Colman McMahon on how to approach a KM project. I’m not completely convinced that quite so much upfront PR and selling is good for KM. You do need some, but I think some of the diagnostic activities such as knowledge audits if done well can sell KM much better than any persuasive Powerpoints can. And to my mind the PR continues throughout the process. However, Colman’s basic idea is spot on. (See the original here).


Sigh… should be common sense after over a decade of getting it wrong, shouldn’t it? But last week, I saw a Singapore public sector tender that looked like the pyramid below, with no mention of any prior work. Either they had done the work but didn’t think it was relevant to potential tenderers, or they just hadn’t done it. More taxpayer’s money down the tubes (some of it is mine). You know who you are.


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Cory Banks

What Coleman calls PR, is all part of the Change Management which is an integral and often lacking part with any project, KM or otherwise.

Posted on March 24, 2008 at 08:18 PM | Comment permalink

Colman McMahon

Thanks for the feedback, Patrick & Cory.

I put this (crude) graphic together for presentation I gave to KM students for a case study module on their course ( I was trying to convey that the IT component is not the biggest part of a KM project. While obviously indispensable, I think there is an over-emphasis on the tech side of things - “Just install something and you’re done!” My other aim to convey that the IT bit will/should come last. We all love the toys and the gadgets but you’ve got to prepare the ground first. A bit like painting a house - a lot of work gets done before any paint gets applied…

Posted on March 26, 2008 at 12:28 AM | Comment permalink

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