Find the Pain, Fix It

A few weeks back I had the privilege of a conversation with Patricia Eng who directs knowledge management for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. I had met Patricia at KM World the previous November, and was impressed by her passionate, no-nonsense, deeply practical approach to KM, not to mention a very robust sense of humour.

In this conversation, which she agreed to have filmed, we explored how she got into KM, and what it takes to be effective in a knowledge management role. Patricia downplays her technical knowledge of KM, and explains that she came into it because she was running into knowledge access problems in her then role at NASA. KM was just one of the problems to be solved along the way. What was interesting to me in this conversation was (a) the credibility she brought to the role from her experience in a technical role and history in the organisation (b) the value of being opportunistic and thick skinned© the passion for focusing on helping real people get real work done (d) there’s often more value in access to knowledgeable and experienced peer-advisors in KM, than from the KM theory.

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