Driving User Adoption for Enterprise Applications

The other day, I talked to a cloud solution provider about their deployment and change management methodologies. From my side, I was curious to see what experiences we can exchange with them, as since 3 years I am strongly involved to drive user adoption for our knowledge sharing platform.

I would like to briefly introduce two methods they have presented. You will see, these are very generic and can be applied in environments of any solutions provider. The first method is looking at how to tackle change and address new user behaviours:

  1. Incorporating Changes into the Culture

    With this background I would like to compare the above mentioned approach with the proven, academic method. Here are the links I have identified:

    • urgency / vision / short-term win: these three aspects are covered by defining clear business goals and formulate them in a crisp elevator speech; further, the readiness analysis builds the basis that the project is steered in the desired direction
    • coalition / empowerment: with the involvement and the help of enthusiast we are easily covering both aspects
    • communication: this point has a very dominant position in the change methodology with documentation and communication planning