Client Archetypes

Archetypes are in the air... So head on over to Speak Up, a designer community blog, where Jason Tselentis has published a “taxonomy of clients”. It’s more of a typology than a taxonomy, and if it had some artwork would rival Mike Reed’s Flame Warriors. Read the comments for some wonderful additions from the community, who basically read the post and got into deep bitching mode. My personal favourite is The Justifier:

“They are often in middle-management at their companies, and act as a go-between you and the true client, who is often either the CEO or VP of marketing. Their (your) work has to be approved by at least one boss above them, who, in turn, must have it approved by the actual client. They realize that their job is virtually meaningless and trivial, and that their ideas don’t matter. To counter that, they scrutinize the tiniest details of your work to grasp some sort of power over the project. Attributes: flip-flops, takes forever to approve things, has a degree in business. Known for saying: Let me run this by the team and Can you move that trademark symbol just a hair lower?

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Hi Patrick

I thinke we need to substitute archetypes for gondolas at about time-point 2:30 on this video clip

Regards Graham

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