Call for Case Presenters: Asia Pacific Business Narrative Conference 2010

Shawn Callahan and I are helping to organise an inaugural “Business Narrative” conference within the International Storytelling Festival in Singapore September 6-8 2010. This is going to be a very practitioner oriented conference looking at approaches and techniques that bring value to the organisation. We’re now launching our first call for case studies to be shared at the conference from the Asia Pacific region (details below). I do hope you’ll pass this post on if you think you know somebody who’ll be interested. Shawn and I will both be happy to answer any questions you have.

Call for Case Studies: Origins – Asia Pacific Business Narrative Conference Sept 6-8 2010 Singapore

In early 2009 we (Shawn Callahan and I) wanted to see if we could put together a conference on storytelling for business. Our concept was for a very practical, workshop-focused conference, designed to help Asia Pacific business people apply story approaches to boost business performance. But we weren’t sure if anyone would come!

So we organised a two-day masterclass on business narrative as part of The Singapore International Storytelling Festival, and the festival did a wonderful job in telling people about the event. We waited anxiously to see if anyone would register. Did Asia Pacific organisations really value storytelling as a legitimate and effective business technique? I called Shawn in Melbourne a couple of weeks after we announced the event: registrations were coming in fast. We were booked out months in advance.

This year we want to build on that success and focus on the many story practitioners in our region to create an event where we can learn from each other while also expanding the awareness of narrative approaches among the region’s organisations. We’re looking for proposals for case study presentations from within the Asia Pacific region to share what you have done and what you have learned.

The conference has three objectives