Business Process Documentation with KM/IM Orientation

Yes, the SOP document template. I am thinking about a template to document procedures. We did work with a client organisation to identify a quick win area for information management (as part of the KM engagement) and they are now at a point where they are mapping the business processes that use and create the prioritised documents. There are available business process management software tools that can help with SOP documentation, among them KBSI’s IDEF tools and a recent one I learnt from Marita at Alchemy, called mavim, and they probably come integrated with the documentation and process rules that can be configured. These tools are however not a current priority of the client. They are keen on getting a good and robust document management system and the intranet in place. It’s still mor useful than a flat file, since I could still have some useful links and representation.

What do I hope to have in the template? Well for starters, I think it should not only incorporate good process management standards but also good document management standards. It should highlight where in the process decisions get made (knowledge enabled work) and where documents are referenced and produced. It should be visible at a glance where these points are, so using symbols or columns might be best. For the documents involved in the process, they should also reference back to the taxonomy (a neat one that Patrick had already put together for them), highlight naming conventions that apply and also prescribe relevant metadata. For the time-strapped and process-savvy, we could still have the accompanying process maps or maybe even link the stuff in the process maps to the SOPs, perhaps. Don’t want it to be an overkill though so wil need to find the right balance between what they need and the amount of information on it.

Would be glad to learn of any good examples from readers of this post and any other ideas you may have about how to make it helpful.

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Ming Chern

Having worked in a company where there is literally no business processes.

I can really relate to the need for SOP. Actually, I’m really a sucker for SOP. Not only did we had those experts come up with processes that streamline business processes.

All we need to do is to follow some instructions.

How cool is tat?
I’m running my own internet business and experience the need for SOP everyday.

Posted on October 16, 2006 at 02:48 PM | Comment permalink

Paolina Martin

Rightly so, especially when the employee numbers expand and the customers have multiple touchpoints with the company.  Consistency helps.

Enjoyed your blog on “Build it and they will come”.


Posted on October 16, 2006 at 06:20 PM | Comment permalink

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