Blogs, Echo Chambers and the Art of Blogging Conversations

Darren Rowse has written a really good piece on How to add to blogging conversations… and eliminate the echo chamber, containing eleven great suggestions for enriching the conversational – as opposed to soap-box diatribes and hyperlinkomania.

Here’s how he finishes:

“Bloggers have always had their egos – but one of the things I first loved about blogging was the way that there was a ‘vibe’ of generosity, giving, sharing and community. At times I still see this as a feature of the blogosphere – but on other occasions I see competitiveness rising it’s head. We quite often talk as bloggers about ideas like ‘open source’, ‘collaboration’ and everyone having a voice – but when it comes to the crunch we often do what’s in our own best interests at the expense of others.”

Thanks Beverly.

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Beverly Trayner

Just happy to know that you’re picking the up!

Posted on February 25, 2007 at 11:46 PM | Comment permalink

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