Art Schlussel on KM in the US Military (interviewed at KM World 2010)

Art Schlussel was interviewed at KM World 2010 and the following 3 videos were recorded and produced.

In video 1, Art Schlussel covers:
1. Introducing the US Army KM Principles
2. What do the US Army KM Principles cover?
3. How do the KM Principles support KM Implementation?

In video 2, Art Schlussel covers:
1. How does the US Army build its KM Capabilities?
2. What is the US Army doing about KM Competencies, Education and Training?
3. What is the primary goal for KM Education and Training in the Army?
4.What sort of Skills need to be trained?

In video 3, Art Schlussel covers:
1. What are the factors that support or inhibit KM in a military context?
2. How can the inhibiting effect of a Command and Control culture be addressed?

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Another great video. I recently read the article by Jones, N.B. & Mahon, J.F.  Nimble knowledge transfer in high velocity/turbulent environments Journal of Knowledge Management, Vol. 16, No. 5. (2012), pp. 774-788
This article looked at knowledge management practices of the military and how they could be adapted fr use in large organizations. Interesting article and interesting video.

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