Alter Egos

I seem to be shadowed by alter egos the last few days. When your name is not particularly common and you’ve become accustomed to thinking of yourself as unique, that’s a thing of note. On my flight back home from France (lovely holiday, thanks, only touched email once via the iPhone, but my out of office auto-responder drove lots of people mad and left me nearly 4,000 messages!) there was apparently another “Patrick Lambe” on the flight with me (he had 1.2kg less baggage). Now I find that “I” have been posting questions about cross-dressing on one of those yada yada social networking sites Yedda.

Now I don’t know if this is a real Patrick Lambe question or a bait for ego-surfing Patrick Lambes out there (how many can there be?) to discover themselves and Yedda and somehow get persuaded to sign up. If it’s a real one, which one is it? The Fresno lawyer? The Irish teenager? The open source guy? The Chicago lawyer? The New Jersey crime fiction author? The Pennsylvania technology trainer? The long haired Brummie?

And which Patrick Lambe was on the flight with me? And if I actually meet another Patrick Lambe, will we cause a disturbance in the space time continuum and implode into a black hole?


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