The Blind Tour Guide: Leadership in the New Economy

Imagine, if you will, that you are arriving for the first time in Singapore on a special holiday package, with your own individual tour guide as part of the package. You arrive at the airport, and there, as promised, is your tour guide. He is tall, about 50 years old, and very distinguished looking, but he is almost completely blind. He first started going blind in 1968, the year he graduated from tour guiding school, the year of flower power in California and student revolts in Paris, before man ever got to the Moon. Before you gird up your loins for an assault on your tour operator for short-changing you, imagine two more small things. First, you live in a world where all tour guides start going blind as soon as they graduate, and second, you live in a world that accords great respect and deference to tour guides. You never ever question a tour guide’s ability to show you around.

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