Videos on KM in Law Firms

Our friends at eClerx Services in India have been busy building their short KM videos library, this time focusing on KM in law firms, in a series of short Q&A clips with Ginevra Saylor, head of KM at Denton’s. Topics are listed below – check out the channel here!

· Improving Knowledge Management Adoption in a Law Firm
· Making Knowledge Management Client Facing
· Knowledge Management Focused on the Business of Law Than Practice
· Benefits of Knowledge Management for Small Law Firms
· Benefits of Knowledge Management for Large Law Firms
· The Right Department for KM in a Law Firm
· New Knowledge Management Practices for Law Firms
· Use of Social Media in Law Firms and Its Benefits
· Impact of Culture on Knowledge Management in a Law Firm
· Differences and Similarities in Approach to KM
· Knowledge Management Needs of Lawyers
· Leveraging Tacit Knowledge in Law Firms

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