Dr Vaine on Fourth Generation Knowledge Management

Yes, I’ve been a Bad Blogger… a combination of hectic client schedule, KM conference season in full swing, and trying to get my head into shape to write the opening chapters of my new book. But I couldn’t resist this video clip of Dr David Vaine speaking at the ACTKM Conference in Canberra last week. It was a great conference, the best yet. I missed Dr Vaine (I can’t stand the man, truth be told), so thanks to Mark Schenk for capturing this on his iPhone 3GS. The sound is better if you listen with earphones! You can download the mp4 video file here.

Download the MP4 video file by right clicking here
Go to the show page on vimeo by clicking here

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Greg Lloyd (@roundtrip on Twitter)

Like the proverbial Chinese curse, another “interesting” view of KM! I would like to invite Dr Vane and Prof Germaine to attend - and perhaps keynote - next year’s Traction Software User Group meeting in Providence RI.

Of course I’d be happy to invite you as well. Perhaps the three of you would like a panel session rather than a keynote?

I greatly appreciate your serious videos and posts - but the KM Critiqued series is unique and well done. I don’t know how you keep a straight face.

I try to post a link to these a warning: Don’t watch these when drinking hot liquids - serious choking hazard.

Posted on October 20, 2009 at 11:50 PM | Comment permalink

He keeps a straight face because he’s not funny. And when you’re trying to use terms like Gen X/Y to be funny—use them correctly. Definitely not worth listening to for 12 mins.

Beat me up, Scotty.

Posted on October 27, 2009 at 03:30 AM | Comment permalink

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