Gutenberg’s Periscope: Or Why We Need to Know What We Don’t Know

Most knowledge management theorists will rally around the motto: “If only we knew what we knew”. In fact, quite often, it’s not the knowledge that’s resident within a company that’s important. It’s the knowledge that the company doesn’t have, and doesn’t even know exists.

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Fashion, Magic and Knowledge Management

Let’s be completely honest about this. Knowledge management is a fad. And like most things faddish and fashionable, it’s going to make you look good, it’s going to make you feel good, and it’s going to cost you a lot of money. The only thing is, in a couple of year’s time you are going to throw it aside and run after something else.

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A - Z of Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management is one of the biggest buzz words to hit management practice in Singapore since the ISO 9001 bandwagon started four or five years ago. If, as a Training or HR Manager, you are hoping it will pass you by, you are sorely mistaken. The Singapore government is deeply committed to investing in the human capital of Singapore, and the concept of the “knowledge based economy” is almost a national mantra. Just do some sums: if the Productivity and Standards Board and the Skills Development Fund are committed to supporting half the workforce (approximately 1.2 million people) on the national Critical Enabling Skills Training (CREST) programme by the year 2003, at a maximum of $320 per person for each of seven modules, that is a commitment worth S$1.4 billion over 4 years.

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