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There’s a pre-Christmas party game going on among netizens of a certain ilk – the strand that I’ve encountered was started as far as I can tell by Jeff Pulver earlier this month. As Jeff puts it, people know each other through the blogosphere, but do they really know each other? So the game is the old dinner party game of sharing five things about yourself that your blogomates might not know – and then you tag five other people to be it!

Dave Snowden has just tagged me, so here are my five things:

1. In primary school I was once denounced in school assembly by my elder sister when I was praised in public for being “such a good little boy”. My sister, outraged, leapt to her feet and cried out “But he’s not a bit like that at home!”. She’s my favourite sister.

2. For a long time I planned to be a (Roman Catholic) priest. Then I went to university, studied philosophy and theology, and changed my mind.

3. I have, like Thomas de Quincey, built and abandoned several personal libraries of books (roughly one for each of my careers). My third library is presently in boxes in an attic in Ireland, while I build my fourth, courtesy of Amazon, in Singapore.

4. I once played a bit part in a situation comedy show here in Singapore called Phua Chu Kang. I was then looking after marketing and business development for the British Council’s English teaching courses. I played the part of a scone-addicted English teacher… for free, in exchange for credits to the British Council.

5. I was once arrested by the Indonesian secret police for “holding an illegal gathering” in Jakarta and interrogated for 12 hours. It took that long to negotiate them down from a US$12,000 bribe to a US$5,000 bribe to secure my release. They were so sloppy, they left my file on the desk while they went for coffee. Turned out they’d planned the sting for months with the hotel where we were holding some presentations – they had agreed to get a police permit, and had failed to do so. The cash was provided by the aunt of a student of mine, delivered at 1am in a brown paper bag at the main police station.

And here are the five people I’d like to know more about:

1. Nancy White
2. Joitske Hulsebosch
3. Valdis Krebs
4. Denham Grey
5. Emmanuele Quintarelli

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Nancy White

Hey Patrick!

Scone addiction eh? Were you typecast?

You are now my third tag. I got creative with the second one, for fear I would bore people to tears. Now I have to think about my next twist of the game. (see

Funny, I tagged Joitske in my last round as well!

Alas, now I have scones on the brain. I may have to go bake!

Posted on December 22, 2006 at 10:59 PM | Comment permalink


Oh… the cookies!! Beat scones any day… Actually I kept fluffing my lines because it was hard to synchronise the dialogue with the mouthfuls… I kept spitting crumbs all over the professional actors smile They just about had enough scones to get it right, but I had had more than my fill by the end of it!

Posted on December 23, 2006 at 03:56 PM | Comment permalink

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